Mop without leaving a mark

Mery mops are unique among their competitors, being manufactured with a cross-pattern design. Their use of microfibres makes them super-absorbent, and their extra-large heads ensure that no dirt is left behind.



he mop is an essential tool for cleaning all types of floor surfaces. At Rayen we have over 60 years of experience in simplifying household chores through an innovative range of high quality, well-designed mops. We made history as the inventors of the cross-pattern mop configuration of “The Original” – our star mop – which is unique in its design and a key part of the history of floor cleaning.

There are a number of features that set the Mery mop apart in terms of its design and resilience. It is made from a microfibre fabric that is super-absorbent, soaking up ten times its own weight in water and allowing for smear free mopping. The mop’s head is extra large, making it easier and more comfortable to wring out.

It is the only mop on the market to be manufactured in a cross-pattern configuration, a feature which improves durability. It is resistant to bleach, and its universal thread makes it compatible with all standard handles on the market. Mery’s “The Original” is the mop that your home needs.

Mery’s range of microfibre mops includes a more lightweight and low-cost option, which also boasts high quality microfibre.

The cotton mop completes Mery’s range of mops, and also features an extra-large head. This design, along with “The Original”, features the cross-pattern configuration, and is super-absorbent. Unlike “The Original”, the Mery cotton mop can be can be used on all indoor and outdoor floor surfaces, making it perfect for cleaning every part of your house. It is effective on rougher surfaces, and is resistant to bleach.

Our range of mops, both microfibre and cotton, includes models designed specifically for professional use, for example in the hotel and catering industry.

Mery also offers a mop made with extra hard-wearing and flexible strands which are ideal for every surface type.

Our wide range of mops, handles and mop buckets will guarantee maximum efficiency and a high level of care for all your surfaces.