Complete your cleaning kit

Discover Mery accessories for a home that is always ready.

There is a large selection of practical accessories with multiple applications to facilitate cleaning your home.

Mery’s soft pad is a very effective cleaning tool and is ideal for scrubbing kitchen utensils and other items. Made of high-quality fibres, Mery’s pads have a soft texture, clean without scratching thanks to their quality and also protect hands.

The kitchen brush is another of the basic tools for cleaning the kitchen. Its bristles remove all traces of dirt without scratching and its scraper removes the most resistant remains. Its ergonomic soft-touch handle offers a comfortable and secure grip.

Mery also offers silicone gloves, a staple in the home. They are ideal for daily cleaning, where speed and practicality are essential. They have silicone bristles so that you can wash the dishes and a multitude of surfaces while protecting your hands. They speed up heavy and tedious tasks such as washing dishes, countertops, ceramic walls, cleaning the bathroom, fruits and vegetables, the car, your pet, etc. They are more resistant to water, odours, bacteria and breakage than traditional brushes.