About us

Our innovative products help make your household cleaning chores a breeze.

As the inventors of the cross-pattern mop, “The Original”, we have 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative products to streamline and simplify your housework. Our broad range of solutions guarantees maximum efficiency and thorough care of all surface types.

Our in-depth experience and knowledge of these products, as well as our focus on quality, functionality and design, has allowed us to develop product lines both for the general public and for professional applications.

Brief history

The Mery brand will for ever be associated with the birth of the mop as a consumer product in Spain during the early 1960s. The brand is renowned not only for its pioneering role in product manufacturing, but for its innovation in terms of ground breaking technical aspects, such as:

• Attachment of the fabric strands to the head in two bunches, forming a cross configuration
• A large, hexagonal head

These innovations are still in evidence today, and continue to set Mery mops apart from others on the market thanks to their technical advantages and superior quality.

We are therefore very proud to be part of this rich history and to have contributed directly to dignifying the chore of mopping floors. Scrubbing on hands and knees has been replaced by cleaning in a comfortable, upright position.