Cloths and scourers

Clean any type of surface

Our range of microfibre and multi-purpose cloths are super-resistant (even to bleach), are machine washable, and take less time to dry.


Cloths and scourers from Mery are the perfect answer to the problem of day to day cleaning.

Super-resistant and employing innovative technology, Mery’s multi-purpose cloths and scourers are great for all types of surface, including showers, kitchens, dining tables and computers.

We offer a wide selection of practical, multi-purpose accessories to make cleaning your home easier.

Cloths are vital to the cleaning process, and ours can be used for cleaning bathroom tiles, kitchen surfaces, the living room, and every other type of surface imaginable. Mery’s cloths are made from 100% microfibre, are resistant to bleach, and do not go stiff when dry. They are multi-purpose, and can be used to clean any surface or furniture around the house.

Mery offers a special cloth for drying glasses, which prevents smears and saves you time with its instant drying capabilities. The cloth is also environmentally friendly, as its easy-rinse properties mean it can be washed using only water. It is super-absorbent, leaving no trace of dirt behind. Cloths need to be clean at all times, so preventing the build-up of dirt and ensuring that the cloth is properly dried is crucial, and will guarantee that your Mery cloths stay clean and last much longer. Mery’s multi-purpose cloths are fully machine washable, and will not be damaged by your washing machine. They are made from a high quality, super-resistant material which also allows them to dry more quickly. The Mery soft pad scourer is a very effective cleaning accessory, and is ideal for scrubbing kitchen utensils and other items. Made from high quality fibres, these pads have a soft texture which cleans without scratching and helps protect your hands.