Sweep all floor types without stirring up dust

Hard-wearing and lightweight, anti-shock and soft, for indoor and outdoor use. Our brooms help you clean any floor type without stirring up dust, including delicate, tile and parquet flooring.


The broom is the most traditional means of cleaning floors, and at Mery we have brought innovation to this classic tool, creating broom brushes to banish dirt from all floor surfaces.

Mery’s brooms capture dust and dirt, leaving nothing behind and keeping your floor immaculate at all times. They are manufactured using high quality materials, ensuring that they are hard-wearing and long lasting. Mery’s range includes brooms for both indoor and outdoor use, helping you keep your home clean and tidy. Available in a range of colours and designs that will appeal to every taste, our brooms match your home perfectly and lend a touch of elegance to household chores. The bristles we use are of the highest quality, resistant to heavy use, and easy to clean.

The modern designs of our brooms give them a stylish finish, and they can reach into even the most awkward corners, sweeping them with ease.

Mery’s indoor brooms are made from extra fine hair and will not scratch any of your surfaces, making them ideal for delicate flooring surfaces, such as parquet and tile. Mery’s Premium anti-shock broom incorporates rubber bumpers which prevent damage to furniture legs, skirting and walls.

Our Premium broom for delicate surfaces leaves no dirt behind, and its extra soft bristles are sympathetic to all surface types.

Mery’s outdoor brooms are great for the garden and all kinds of exterior applications, and are made from the highest quality materials for improved durability.

Our indoor and outdoor broom heads are strong and hard-wearing, making them great for cleaning any surface and trapping dust effectively. They come with a universal adaptor to fit all standard broom handles.

Broom heads from Mery will work with all standard handles on the market, and go perfectly with Mery’s own range of handles.