Dust mops

Banish dirt from even the tightest corner

Lightweight and eco-friendly, our microfibre dust mops clean whether wet or dry. Their 360º rotation and telescopic handle allow removal of dirt from even the most awkward corner.


The dust mop is designed to remove dust, sand and general dirt from floor surfaces. This cleaning tool is an essential addition to any home, allowing you to clean the floor quickly, easily, and with a minimum of effort. Mery’s dust mops are made from high quality microfibre and painted steel.

They are suitable for both dry and wet cleaning, and do not require the use of chemical products, as the microfibre fabric lifts all dirt. Dust is attracted to the microfibre strands and, rather than becoming stirred up, sticks to the dust mop.

The Mery Premium microfibre dust mop comes with a telescopic extendible aluminium handle, which is adjustable to suit your height and assists in making cleaning a convenient and straightforward process. Its 100% microfibre strands reach into even the most awkward corners, picking up dust with ease, and the handle incorporates an ergonomic foam grip for extra comfort.

Another of the Mery dust mop’s features is its 360º swivel mechanism, which allows you to clean complicated surfaces and keep floors spotless. Mery dust mops are also easy to open.

It is recommended that the dust mop be washed carefully after each use, and to ensure appropriate maintenance we suggest that you keep several spares. Mery dust mops are also universal and will fit all standard dust mop types.

Mopping action should follow a figure of eight or zig zag pattern, making sure to avoid lifting it away from the floor surface. Our dust mops are also suitable for cleaning ceiling corners, thanks to their lightweight structure.

The Mery dust mop is the perfect companion to a Mery broom or wet mop: all the help you need for an unscratched and immaculately clean floor.