Choose the most adaptable handle

Our handles fit all types of brooms and mops, and thanks to their range of threads, materials and sizes, are suitable for use in any country.



For immaculately clean floors, it is crucial to have a handle that matches the quality of your broom and mop. The perfect broom handle or mop is an absolute must, and at Mery we offer a full catalogue of handles suitable for use in any country thanks to our range of threads, materials and sizes.

Mery’s broom and mop handles are ergonomic and extremely lightweight. They are long enough to help you maintain a correct posture while cleaning your home, preventing backache. Mery’s broom and mop handles are made from strong and hard-wearing materials.

Another major consideration when selecting a high quality handle is its grip, as reduced stress to your wrist will help you avoid potential injury. The grips used on Mery’s adaptable handles permit them to be hung from any hook, thus saving valuable space.

Mery also offers a telescopic handle which can be adjusted to suit your height, allowing you to clean comfortably and effortlessly while reducing the risk of injury. The threads on Mery’s universal handles are completely compatible with all standard broom and mop types. Their high quality materials, up to date and ergonomic designs, minimal weight and perfect size make our handles the ideal accessory for cleaning your home. Mery’s handles come in a wide range of colours, allowing you to match them to your other cleaning items, such as dust pans and mop buckets.

To help keep your storage area tidy, we offer the triple handle holder which can hold up to three universal handles and also has space to hang two cloths.