Mop buckets

Squeeze with ease

Mery offers a wide range of mop buckets, with options including an eco-friendly dual wringer, an automatic wringer, a multi-purpose mini bucket, and buckets with castors. Our Mery buckets also come in a variety of sizes and attractive colours.



Mery offers a variety of elegant mop buckets to suit every need and preference. Our most complete model comes with an automatic wringer which, thanks to its spring-loaded mechanism, allows you to wring water from your mop with minimum effort. The large wringer is suitable for every type of mop, and includes convenient mop handle holders. The bucket has a capacity of 14 litres, and its shaped spout makes it easier to tip out water. Its 360º swivel castors make the bucket easy to move around.

The model is also available with a multi-use bucket for storing supplementary cleaning items.

The wheeled automatic wringer bucket also comes in a design suitable for professional applications; purple in colour and with a capacity of 20 litres, it is perfect for hotels, hospitals, offices and other environments.

Mery also offers a selection of special mop buckets, including the eco-friendly dual wringer bucket with a 14 litre capacity.

These models provide cleaner and more effective mopping thanks to the dual wringer, allowing you to keep dirty water separate from the clean. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around.

Finally, Mery’s classic mop buckets incorporate a larger and easily detachable wringer. The classic bucket’s design includes a mop handle holder, and the bucket’s spout and handle make it easy to tip out the water. The bucket also has a recess for steadying it with your foot while wringing, and comes with the option of swivel castors. The wringer and castor wheeled mop buckets both have a capacity of 14 litres. They are lightweight and easy to move, and the size and design are ideal.

All of Mery’s mop buckets are made with the highest quality materials for greater strength and durability.

Mery’s mop buckets are available in a range of shapes to suit every need (rectangular, oval, etc.), and come in a variety of capacities, including 14 litres, 12 litres, and even the mini mop bucket which holds 4 litres.