Dust pans and shovels

Eliminate all kinds of dirt

We offer a range of dust pans and hand shovels in a variety of colours. Dirt collection is made simple and efficient thanks to the tool’s rubber lip, which ensures that no debris is left behind.


Dust pans and shovels are a vital tool in any house, helping us to remove dirt on a daily basis.

Mery’s collection of dust pans and shovels includes a large variety of products. Each of these high quality, hard-wearing items requires minimum storage space and will match any home thanks to the range of colour and design options available. Mery dust pans have an ergonomic grip, a rear tab with an anti-topple system, a double-clip rubber lip and an anti-slip interior chamber to ensure that dirt does not fall out. The range also includes dust pans and shovels in a variety of colours which will go perfectly with your home, lending it a touch of elegance and dignity.

Our most high-tech dust pan is the swing dust pan; it is lightweight and easy to use, ensures that dirt is not spilled, and has a high capacity storage chamber. The dust pan swings shut when lifted, ensuring that dirt is kept securely inside and that no dust can escape.

Another of our star accessories is the Mery dust pan with attached brush. The brush is suitable for all surface types, and clips neatly into the dust pan for storage in restricted spaces. The brush has high quality bristles which can reach into the most awkward corners, a double-clip rubber lip, and a brush cleaning system.

We also have shovels for outdoor use that come in a range of colours.

The key to Mery’s shovels lies in their simplicity, and their rubber lip facilitates more effective collection of dirt, guaranteeing that no debris is left behind.